Interning at Fábrica de Startups provides significant entrepreneurial experience and personal growth opportunities, the chance to access an incredible network of entrepreneurs, facilitators and mentors, and a chance to meet the startups working at Fábrica de Startups or participating on one of our programs.

 You'll also have the opportunity to learn how to find great business ideas and validate the best ideas through "small bets" experiments and to help startups grow their business.

Our team of interns from 2016

Our team of interns from 2016


Helping set up acceleration programs

Set up our programs from contributing to the sourcing and filtering of entrepreneur candidates, contact with partners, prepare the bootcamps, etc. 

Supporting startups during the ideation and acceleration programs

Identify their needs and find how to help them. Help them find the right mentor, support their marketing activities, plan their social media, search the best articles that can help them.

Working on research projects

Working on research projects, such as defining how to monitor the performance of startups, implementing gamification, improving processes related to the legal creation of a company, HR, creating and/or improving our checklists, etc.

Finding new partners and help improving our Perks for Startups Pack

Find new companies looking for interesting partnerships to grow our community.

Marketing at FabStart

Learn how manage our social media accounts and help us create content for our web site, blog, email campaigns and newsletter. 



- Dedication and enthusiasm for the Fábrica de Startups Mission "To help people become successful entrepreneurs"

- Goal-orientation, self-motivation and willingness to work hard

- Ability to prioritize tasks and execute in an efficient way

- Commitment to continuous learning

- Strong written and verbal English communication skills


Send your CV to talk@fabstart.pt and apply!