António Lucena de Faria

The founding partner and president of Fábrica de Startups, a company created in April 2012. He led the creation and development of more than 10 companies, having begun his career as an entrepreneur with the launch of Methodus Systems in 1987.

He is a founding member of StartupPortugal, representing Fábrica de Startups.

He was responsible for organizing and conducting in 2012 and 2013 from Portugal Energy program.

He is a professor of entrepreneurship at Catholic Lisbon School of Business and Economics and member of the National Council for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CNEI).

He has a degree in Economics from Catholic University of Lisbon and an MBA from the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, United States. He complemented his studies with entrepreneurship-related courses at Harvard Business School, London Business School and Babson College.


With a Bachelor's in Social Communication and a Master's in Marketing, André's unwavering curiosity has led him to traverse many fields. From human resources to tourism and music, his willingness to learn drives him. Entrepreneurism first knocked on his door when he worked with a startup for a year and half and now at Fábrica de Startups where he is responsible for operations and guaranteeing the success of events and processes.


In Madalena’s schoolbag you can find an undergrad in Management at NOVA School of Business and Economics and also a postgrad in Management with majors in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, by the Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics. 

With a passion for Entrepreneurship, during her postgrad Madalena joined the Marketing department of BET - Bring Entrepreneurs Together. After two months of summer internship at FabStart she was eager to do more and has joined FabStart as an Acceleration Manager.


Marta joined the world of entrepreneurs in 2012 when she helped create Fábrica de Startups' first national entrepreneurship competition—Energia de Portugal. With a degree in Business Management, but a passion for Marketing and Communication, she returned to Fábrica in 2017 after a five year break to coordinate these areas of operation. She passed her time on this break in Macau where she worked primarily in English on various projects at the heart of Chinese culture. For this reason, she abused loan words, a common strategy for immigrants. The world is your oyster, Marta? No, the world is my dumpling.